Master Franchise Opportunity

Are you looking for a change to build a better future for you and your family but don't know how?

We currently have Master Franchisee opportunites across the United States, excluding Colorado.

  • Sick of making someone else wealthy?
  • Sick of working for a boss?
  • Is it just time for a change?
  • Looking to maximise your potential?
  • Looking for a challenge with the rewards only limited by your commitment to success?
  • Looking for a business asset you can sell in years to come - or develop as a passive income?

Smith & Sons can show you how to build a better future.

Growing from 0 to 85 offices in 6 years - we have the track record to take you to where you want to be.

You don't have to be a builder or hold a building license - you just need the skills and passion to lead a team of franchise owners.

As a master franchisee - you role is to recruit and support Smith & Sons franchisees in your given area.

A master franchise role gives you flexibility with your time, as you will dictate your working hours, and the time you spend doing the things you love. The financial rewards are only set by your commitment to growing the business by making Smith & Sons the leading home and commercial renovator in your area of operation. And don't forget the master franchise area is a saleable asset to sell if you wish to retire.

You do not require a building licence to own a Smith & Sons Master Franchise, so this is the perfect opportunity for an entrepreneur who is looking to work with an exciting company, who's goal is to make their franchisees and master franchisees succeed.

Smith and Sons have had phenomenal growth over the last four years, and that is testament to the drive and enthusiasm of the whole team, the Smith & Sons franchise model itself, and the commitment of the Corporate Office team to become the World's Largest and Most Respected Renovation Company. As a master franchisee - you have unlimited access to the systems, resources and tools from Corporate Office to make Smith & sons the number one renovation building business in your Smith & Sons master franchise area.

So, if you have sales, marketing, business management skills and leadership skills, and want to start making serious money in an exciting industry, contact us today.

Knowledge of the building / property / real estate industry helpful but not essential.

Sound interesting?

Contact us and learn how you can join an enthusiastic, exciting team all dedicated to growing you and your business.


What our team says...


ChrisI was first introduced to Corey Passey & Leigh Wallis of Smith &Sons by a good friend, whom eventually  became my business partner.

After meeting with Corey & Leigh I was impressed by the passion and drive in becoming the world’s number one renovator, It really got me thinking about my situation as a Builder with thirty  years experience and  at a crossroad in my career. I couldn’t wait to tell my wife about Smith and Sons and the opportunity in becoming a Master Franchisee. 

I always wanted to be part of a large entity with ownership, this is perfect all the systems are in place, marketing , supplier deals , computer system,  branding, support from all of the group, etc. It would take me years to try and build something like this and I can be part of it immediately.

To see the company double in size in the last year has been a fantastic achievement in its self with all the team pulling together  for the same reason, to grow our brand around the world.

If you wish to grow your business in all areas I would highly recommend a Smith-Sons Master Franchise as all the team has so much energy and passion to drive the brand.

The potential to build a saleable asset is very attractive for later in life, all this and having fun with all of the group on the journey of a life time.

It is the best decision i have made by far.

Chris Calderbank-Park - Master Franchisee



Blair Myles 1.5

Six years ago I was offered the opportunity to be a part of Smith & Sons. At that time the business consisted of a shiny brochure and a vision to be The Worlds #1 Renovation Company.

Under the leadership of Corey and the team at Corporate Office we are well on the way having been recognised as the fastest growing Franchise Building Company in the World.

I am extremely proud of what has been achieved as a result of all the hard work by a team passionate about the vision set down by Corporate Office and am excited for the future of all involved'.

Blair Myles - Master Franchisee

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