The Smith & Sons Remodeling Franchise Opportunity

If you are a builder looking for a way to get ahead in the remodeling industry - a Smith and Sons remodeling franchise could be the answer. A Smith & Sons remodeling franchise combines your skill with building with our resources, tools and systems to turn your business into a professional remodeling business with a definitive edge over your competitors.

Do you love the building industry, but just
can't seem to get ahead?

  • Are you sick of trying to compete with the big boys?
  • Are you sick of working all day then coming home to quote all night?
  • Are you sick of having no time with your family and friends?
  • Are you sick of having no marketing material, or marketing material that is always a poor second?
  • Do you have goals and dreams but just don't have the vehicle to take you there?
  • Sick of knowing you will work your entire life and have nothing to sell when you want to retire?

As we said before - at Smith & Sons, these are exactly the reasons that builders come to see us and invest in a Smith & Sons Franchise. So in a nutshell how do we help?

Here's just a few

  • Dedicated construction software which handles all aspects of the construction process - sales, quoting, estimating, supervising, accounting and managerial - designed to systemise each job and save you time and money.
  • Professional Marketing Material - so you really stand out and make an impact to your potential clients.
  • Buying Power - through our preferred suppliers network.
  • Business Systems and Resources - so you can learn how to run your business both smarter and more effectively which means more profits for you.
  • Peer Support - you are joining a team of builders who all have a common goal, and meet regularly to discuss ideas and strategies to grow the business.
  • An Asset to Sell - a Smith & Sons franchise grows in value each time you complete a job so in years to come will be a saleable business asset.


What our team says...

Sydney Renovation BuilderPrior to signing up with Smith & Sons, I had been on the tools for over 12 years as a subcontractor, and had tried and failed in a building partnership.

I had my reservations about joining a franchise, but decided to meet the Master Franchisee anyway. He spoke to me about the benefits of joining Smith & Sons, including the back of house support and the systems.

I decided to join the team instead of competing against them. My decision has paid off and I am now part of a network of passionate and professional builders who support my family and my business.

Justin Burrows - Franchisee


Tom And Terry 2 SquareWhen initially looking into the Smith & Sons business - we were a little unsure.

However after looking a little further - we came to the belief that the group presence and brand in time would be significant. We also loved the support of the Master Franchisees and other franchisees with good and successful management systems. The ability to on sell the business after building it up was an added bonus.

Since we have joined the group - we have found the Smith & Sons group presence and marketing experience has enabled our business to be well known in a very short space of time. And, we have changed our mindset on how to run a very successful business.

We would definitely euncourage any other builders to come on board as everything that was promised to us in the beginning has been true, and the support has been never ending and given so freely.

Tom Jeffrey and Terry Douglas - Franchisees


Franchise -builders -franklin -aucklandBefore we signed on with Smith & Sons - we were a little sceptical.

But after several meetings with our Master Franchisee and discussed the systems that are in place and the support that is available - we decided to look further into it. We met with other Franchisees within the group to get their perspective and saw it was a great company to get behind.

Since we have joined Smith & Sons we have seen the brand grow and experienced the growth and access to jobs that we would not have had the chance to look at. The support from within the company has been great. Meeting with the other Franchisees and Master Franchisees to share their ideas has been fantastic - they want us to succeed as well.

I would recommend a Smith & Sons franchise to others who want to grow a successful business asset and join the family.

Lane & Melissa Van den Brink - Franchisees

Sound interesting?

Contact us and learn how you can join an enthusiastic, exciting team all dedicated to growing you and your business.

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